Saturday, 23 April 2011

See The Sunrise.

I was viewing through fb, tumblr, and pictures on my computer... and I found really great pictures! Just want to share it! =D First time doing this type of post.

I want a nice, creamy, lace short dress. A floppy hat, peachy socks, and T-strap sandals with a cork platform. Something so unique and perfect to go for a walk down the beach. Where that breeze is so soothing, and your hair slowly swifts away off the back of the neck and into the pleasant air. Then, back onto your neck and face. =D You stop and look up at the sun. The sun. That is all you can think. The sun. A Warm, Bright, Fireball up in the sky. Down below, you'll see the deep blue glistening towards you. The mass of water moves back and forth uncovering seashells and rocks from the layers of sand along the shore.

You'll know it's the perfect morning.

Une Belle Journée,

Missy A <3

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