Thursday, 21 April 2011

Just Wanna Have Fun

For the last two weeks, I've been over the place! Yup, not for shopping, or dining, but school O.o ... I am exhausted, and yes tomorrow is Good Friday!

I'm actually celebrating my friend's B-Day tomorrow... FUN! Well, I'll definitely put up more posts, and hopefully you guys will view it! =D
I dunno, the pics I put up today are of an outfit I just randomly put on, again... lol I feel like it's the right day to mix and match clothes... winter with summer, winter with spring. Where I live, it's still cold in late April...just this year. Thankfully, it's not snowing O.o. It took awhile for me to adjust my camera at an angle to actually capture my whole body! Yup, I have a crappy camera, but bare with me! When I get a new camera, everything will be different!

I just watch the music video for "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars. =D Poreotics! It was so cute! I enjoyed it. Alright gonna go for now! Until next time...

Missy A <3

I don't get out much.

Can't wait till the temperature's higher! Want to take pics outside!
2 Minute Sketch of an Outfit similar to What I'm wearing.

Vintage Oversized Cardigan, Forever 21 Wedges, and Knitwear, Vintage Necklace, Vintage Bag, Lacey Cloth (wrapped onto the strap of the bag), Eyewear Frames, Vintage Short